Programs Conducted by Jam Circles

School Circles

In our weekly or bi-weekly circles in local schools, we provide a safe environment in which diverse groups of youth come together.

These circles, which are facilitated by adult mentors, enable youth to enjoy community and relate with their peers and mentors.

The circles promote authentic conversation, self discovery and peer connection–but in a way that transcends the superficial level of communication that often typifies daily life.

The intention is to allow their true unmasked selves to emerge. Then, as they allow their true selves to surface, we honor them for exactly who they are and help them to recognize their unique gifts.

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Rites of Passage Adventures

In today’s culture, intentional rites of passage for youth entering adulthood have mostly been lost or at least diminished in importance.

Many of our teenagers initiate themselves in ways that are unhealthy for their development, such as their first experiences with drugs, alcohol or sex.

At Jam Circles, we offer Rites of Passage Adventure Weekends for the students to consciously and safely explore the kind of adults they want to become.

The weekend incorporates physical, emotional and mental challenges. These tests can help youth discover inner resources previously unknown to them, helping them gain new confidence and self respect.

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Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program is for adults who wish to support teens in healthy development and successful integration into conscious adulthood.

Before serving as a mentor, interested volunteers must complete formal mentorship training, which is offered in two parts: level 1 and level 2.

All mentors must also pass state and national criminal background checks and undergo an extensive intake and assessment process. Anyone can become an official mentor with our daylong mentor training and a background check. There are also opportunities to support official mentors before getting trained.

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