The Jam Circles Mentorship Program

The Jam Circles School Circle program is based on a nationally recognized successful group mentoring model. The program depends on having qualified, trained adult mentors who are willing to conduct the program for student participants.

We hold separate girls and boys circle meetings once a week for an hour in participating schools. Typically, there are 2-4 mentors and up to 15 students.

These circles are structured opportunities to explore aspects of healthy masculinity and femininity. Participants learn about accountability, integrity, personal responsibility, honest communication, emotional literacy, and the importance of discovering and articulating a sense of personal mission in the world.

The students are encouraged to talk about the events, emotions, and experiences of their lives. Over time, the circles become safe places where they can practice being fully alive and communicative among adults and peers, and where mentors are challenged to model honesty, courage and authenticity.

The circle structure provides an opportunity for the teens to learn from multiple adults and to integrate the best and most relevant parts that they can from each mentor.

Mentoring Requirements

Men and women interested in mentoring must complete the following requirements:

  • Sit in circle (training)
  • Attend at least one JAM Circles board meeting
  • Interview with a mentor screening committee
  • Take the next available Mentor Facilitation Training (MFT) course

All mentors have been subjected to state and national criminal background checks and an extensive in-take and assessment process. Anyone can become an official mentor with our MFT mentor training and a background check. To become a lead mentor at least two trainings are needed.

Participants in a recent Mentor Facilitation Training Level 1 talk about their experience of the program and Jam Circles.

Interested in Mentoring?

If you feel called to support youth in their journey into healthy adulthood and have ever considered becoming a mentor, please contact Shannon Leach at