The JAM Circles School Circle Program

JAM Circles holds peer circles for 12-17 year olds. Our circles can be held anywhere, but we are focused on seeding circles in both middle and high schools.

There is no financial commitment necessary to join, and our groups are open to all ethnicities, religions, genders or any other identity markers you can think of. In short our groups are open to everyone.

Honoring Youth in a Safe Environment

We provide a safe environment in which diverse groups of youth come together in community and relate with their peers and mentors, so that they may allow their true unmasked selves to emerge. Then as they allow their true selves to surface, we honor them for exactly who they are and help them recognize their unique gifts.

To help create that safe environment, the girls and boys meet separately. The girls’ mentors are women, and boys’ mentors are men.

An important focus of our program is to help the teens develop an “emotional vocabulary.” This means that, over time, they can readily connect with their feelings, put them to words and share them openly.

For many teenagers this is a giant step toward maturing into authentic adults with integrity. The lack of emotional vocabulary is what lies at the core of so much of our society’s teen drug use, poor school performance, and aggressive antisocial behaviors.

Learn about our Mentorship Program for adult volunteers

Circle Up in Your Community

Do you want to start a JAM Circle in your community or school?​​​

We can make that happen!

For information on school circles or mentorship training, please contact Shannon Leach.