Growing, Supporting and Mentoring the Next Generation

This video was produced based on our first local school-based circle. In the future, we plan to introduce separate mentoring circles for girls.

The Work, and Why We Do It

​The JAM Circles program mentors young people, ages 12-17, during their transformation into healthy adults.

Our mentors model authentic masculine and feminine energy, nurture self-awareness, vulnerability and emotional growth, while challenging and assisting the next generation to discover their unique gifts.

We honor both their emerging masculine, feminine and youthful energy. In short we help teenagers grow into healthy, self-accepting and honorable adults. Women mentor the girls, and men mentor the boys.

Jam Circles Supports Youth Developing into Healthy Adulthood

Our Mission

We support adolescents in their journey to becoming healthy adults by modeling authentic relating, supporting self-awareness and emotional growth, in a community that honors their youthful energy. ​

In the now famous quote by Frederick Douglass, “It is easier to build strong boys than to repair broken men,” we believe the work of Jam Circles is in building strong children for an even stronger future.

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